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Welcome to Synergy Help

Synergy is the browser-based classroom-management program designed to help you enter, schedule, and monitor teacher-created lessons, activities, and assessments and complete electronic grading in a Pitsco Education lab.

Synergy was specifically created for Pitsco's Individualized Prescriptive Lessons™ (IPLs™) and browser-based 3.0 version (or later) Modules. Any classroom with Pitsco's IPL and Module curriculum must have Synergy to manage the delivery of the content.

Key features of Synergy include the following:

  • Access the classroom-management system from any workstation on the same network using a Web browser.
  • Schedule lessons.
  • Create independent assignments and track them with the Grade Book.
  • Browse installed Pitsco Modules and extend content.
  • Simultaneous multi-student access to a single Module is possible.
  • Grading Scale is customizable by class.
  • Create, schedule, and grade your own lessons in the management system. Note: You are not able to build actual content in Synergy.